Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LP5DSM > Commonly Used Setting Cheat Sheet

LP5DSM (EFLH1055) >
Commonly Used Settings Cheat Sheet

This is a quick cheat sheet for myself, for commonly used settings on the E-flite LP5DSM TX radio.



With RX in bind mode, just power on LP5DSM, no special mode necessary.

DIP Settings

#DescriptionOff On
1ModeHelicopterAirplane (Default)
2Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing (Helicopter)NormalCCPM
3Elevator/Rubber Mixing For V-Tail PlanesNormalMixing On
4Elevator/Alileron Mixing or ElevonsNormalMixing On
5Throttle ReverseNormalReversed
6Aileron ReverseNormalReversed
7Elevator ReverseNormalReversed
8Rudder ReverseNormalReversed
9Ch5 Reverse - Gear or GyroNormal?



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