Saturday, January 23, 2021

Chimera4 Dead-Cat Build

Update: Jan  23, 2021

  • New printed camera mount
  • Relocated GPS with new printed mount
  • New printed RXSR mount
  • Battery on top deck, removed battery pad underneath
Still to do:
  • Replace 28mm posts with 20mm posts
  • Longer antenna tubes
  • Protect opti-flow sensor
  • Tie down battery connector
  • Stick battery pad

Initial Build

Kakute F7v3 Mini flight controller
2s 18650 battery
Printed R-XSR holder integrated with GPS mount 
Mateksys M8N-5883 GPS Compass
Mateksys OpticalFlow Lidar 3901-L0X
Printed holder for TBS Pro32 Nano VTX
Printed battery pad and strap holder