Saturday, January 23, 2021

Chimera4 Dead-Cat Build

Update: Jan  23, 2021

  • New printed camera mount
  • Relocated GPS with new printed mount
  • New printed RXSR mount
  • Battery on top deck, removed battery pad underneath
Still to do:
  • Replace 28mm posts with 20mm posts
  • Longer antenna tubes
  • Protect opti-flow sensor
  • Tie down battery connector
  • Stick battery pad

Initial Build

Kakute F7v3 Mini flight controller
2s 18650 battery
Printed R-XSR holder integrated with GPS mount 
Mateksys M8N-5883 GPS Compass
Mateksys OpticalFlow Lidar 3901-L0X
Printed holder for TBS Pro32 Nano VTX
Printed battery pad and strap holder

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

GoPro Karma - Teardown

GoPro Karma Tear-Down Pictures

The motors seem to be 2216-sized.  

JH-GH connector harness, Honeywell HMC5883 style compass embedded inside the landing gear.

6pin AMP connector.  5 wires used, 3 for motor and 2 for LED's.

Main board and battery connector interface board.

Arm position switch boards and the sprung gimbal mount.

Modem radio and antennas within the lower deck chassis.

All gutted and ready to accept new flying gear.